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At CBD Validated, our mission is to provide transparency about CBD brands and their products. We want to be 100% transparent as well on how we earn money from this site.

Our income comes from the use of affiliate links. When someone clicks on these links and purchases a product, we may receive a commission. That’s the basics of affiliate marketing.

Please note, while we may receive a commission on a product or brand that we have reviewed, we remain as impartial as possible. Even if a brand is one of our largest sources of income, if they fail our validation process, they will be removed.

We only provide our reviewer experiences and cannot be held accountable if a product doesn’t work for you – we make no warranties that it does. Please do your own due diligence, and always remember to consult a medical professional before starting any supplements.

Will clicking on your link increase the cost for me?

No. You will pay the same price regardless of whether or not you click through our link or go to a brands website yourself. Clicking our link just helps support us, and we need that support to continue validating products.

We would love your support

Our goal is to create a resource regarding products containing cannabinoids. Maintaining a site like this isn’t free. It costs money to host, order products, run laboratory tests, and hire reviewers.

It’s a small ask, but if you benefit from any of the information on our site, we humbly ask that you please purchase products on links throughout our site.

Product support

We don’t sell products on our site directly, so we cannot offer support for them. Please direct any questions you may have to the brand.

One last disclaimer

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