Koi uses a strict vendor validation process to source their hemp. All of their hemp is grown and extracted in the USA, they use a whole plant extraction using a CO2 extraction method. They are batch transparent – providing both a sample CoA for their product on the product page, as well as a batch level CoA search tool. They also have a CBD rewards program, the more you spend the more points you get. In addition to the rewards program, they also have a subscribe & save program that gives a 10% discount. They offer free shipping on orders over $35.

Hemp Extract CBD Oil Tincture

Koi Hemp Extract CBD Oil Tincture

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CBD Gummies

Koi CBD Gummies

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CBD Hemp Flower

Koi CBD Hemp Flower

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Koi CBD Inhaler

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Interview with Kevin Sather – VP of Marketing

What was the thought process of the founders when they started Koi CBD?

The mission of the founders was to create a CBD brand that could deliver the best products and experience for our customers.

We’ve noticed that there is a serious lack of oversight in the industry, what are some ways you’re
differentiating your brand from competitors?

We’ve taken a number of steps to ensure Koi rises above many other brands in the industry. Our products are made in cGMP and ISO 9001:2015 facilities using the highest quality ingredients. We focus on delivering a consistent and clean product experience for our customers, while also making some of the best tasting products around.

We’re glad you offer both a sample CoA and batch specific testing, also we saw that you’re one of the few brands that have this on their main navigation menu. As far as third-party lab tests, what made you choose Niva Labs to do your testing?

We are very selective with our lab partners, and look for companies that can do the range of testing we need across our varied product lines. Not all labs can test all types of products, and our compliance and science team chooses partners that can meet our high standards.

What states do you source your hemp from? How do you select your farms?

Our hemp is grown and processed in Oregon. Our vendor selection process is intense, as we want to make sure the raw material and processed material we use meets our high standards. Beyond just getting lab reports, we often visit the farm and check out the operations first hand.

What makes your products better than other CBD companies?

It is a combination of discovering what products our customers want, then formulating the best blend of ingredients to achieve their goals. While doing this, we also spend countless hours making sure the flavor or scent is amazing, and that the product is easy to use. We do extensive testing to ensure the potency and purity of every batch, and provide the test results online for complete transparency. Lastly, listening to our customer’s feedback is critical, allowing us to understand their needs and preferences, as well as how much they appreciate our awesome customer support team.

We noticed that you just launched your first pet products, what made you guys decide to tackle pet products?

Our recent release of our new CBD Dog and Cat Treats is actually an extension of our pet product line. We started with soft chews and a tincture spray, both of which are still some of our most popular products. We had requests from customers for more options for dogs and a treat for cats, so we released our new line including 3 different dog treats each with enhanced functional ingredients to target specific support, and a cat treat for our feline friends.

Can you tell me more about your pet products?

We have an extensive product line, and are always expanding and updating it. Some of our most popular products are our tinctures, which come in 6 different flavor options and multiple strengths. Our gummies have been a growing line, we added two new gummies in 2020, including one with melatonin to support sleep. In CBD products, we also have a range of topicals, including balms, pain relieving roll-on gels, lotions, bath bombs, and a skincare line. Last year we also expanded into hemp flower, and have released a number of strains via pre-rolls and tins. Delta 8 THC products have been in high demand since late 2020, and we’ve been working hard to keep up with demand and increase our product offerings in that space.

I noticed that you have multiple flavors of CBD Oils, which is your most popular flavor?

Orange is the most popular, followed closely by Strawberry and Spearmint. Lemon-Lime and Peppermint are also popular, as is the Natural version for those wanting more of an unflavored hemp extract experience.

How long is the shelf life for your products?

It varies by type of product, but ranges between one and two years. It’s always best to store the products in a cool, dry area and avoid direct sunlight and heat.

You’re one of the few companies that have an inhaler, can you tell me why you chose to bring this product to market?

We wanted to offer our customers an alternative to inhaling CBD using vapor or smoke. The benefits of the inhaler product are also that it can provide faster bioavailability of the CBD, due to it’s micellized particles being smaller and easier to absorb.

I love that you have a skincare line, is there a product you’d recommend for someone like me?

The whole line is amazing, but I really like the moisturizer. It is easy to dispense and apply, and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin.

Do you have any new products in the works that you can share with us?

We are always working on new products and improvements to current products. Right now we’ve been expanding our Delta 8 THC offerings, but will also be releasing some products to fill gaps in our portfolio, based on feedback from our customers.

For a new CBD user, which of your products would you recommend?

I feel the Anytime Gummies are the easiest way to start a CBD regimen. Quick and easy to take, as well as being delicious, they can provide a consistent amount of CBD for a new user. Tinctures are also very popular, especially for those looking for higher strength options. The key is also consistency, many of our customers use CBD daily, similar to other wellness routines like vitamins or exercise.

For an experienced CBD user, do you have any product recommendations?

Find a product that fits your lifestyle and needs. If you want to consume your CBD on-the-go, then I’d look at our gummies, as they travel easy and are quick to consume. If you already take vitamins every morning, our softgels are an easy way to add CBD to your existing routine. If you are looking to unwind at the end of a busy day, many customers tell us our hemp flower is perfect, giving a full spectrum CBD experience through a relaxing smoking session.

I noticed that you have close to 10,000 reviews which is awesome! Is there any story that sticks out the most or a moment that you are proud of?

I read every review that is submitted, and love seeing how our products are helping people live better lives. Stories that stand out usually are the ones where the customer tried other solutions and didn’t find relief, then tried Koi and found success. I also love seeing comments about our customer service and shipping, very helpful and fast to get products to customers.

What are some ways that you act on customer feedback?

Customer feedback is critical for us. It impacts our products from making adjustments to creating whole new concepts to help people achieve their goals. We also use customer feedback to improve our shopping and service. For example, we had customers wanting an easier way to get a monthly supply, so we started a subscribe and save program. We also wanted to reward our customers, as they are the reason we started Koi and why we exist today, so last year we began Koi Rewards, allowing customers to earn discounts for shopping, leaving reviews, and sharing Koi with others.

We were impressed that you have a veterans discount what made you decide to offer these discounts?

We love supporting our military service members, both active and veterans, so giving them a discount on products was a no brainer for us.

Are your products available in brick and mortar stores?

Yes, you can find Koi products nationwide in thousands of retail stores. Koi is carried at smoke and vape shops, CBD specialty stores, vitamin shops, pharmacies and natural food stores, convenience stores, and many more. You can find a retailer near you at our website using our store finder.

Are there any national chains or stores that your products can be found in?

We are in a number of regional chains currently, and always expanding. We look for retailers that can add value to the CBD shopping experience, through helpful sales staff and a great selection of Koi CBD products.

Frequently Asked Questions about Koi

Where does Koi get it’s hemp?

All of their products contain hemp from farms located in the United States.

What types of products does Koi carry?

They carry the following products: CBD Oil, CBD Balms, CBD Gummies, CBD Softgels, CBD Hemp Flower, CBD Inhalers, CBD Skincare, CBD Bath & Beauty, CBD for Pets, and Delta 8 THC Gummies.

Where is Koi located?

They are headquartered in Norwalk, California.

Does Koi offer any discounts?

They have a 25% military discount available for active duty military members as well as veterans.

Can I get Koi near me?

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get Koi products locally. They offer a convenient store locator on their site.

Where can I find a CoA for Koi?

You can find a sample CoA on every product page. They also provide a CoA search utility, which can be found here.