Caliper approaches CBD in a different way than most of the other brands we have reviewed. Instead of focusing on the entourage effect and having a mixture of other cannabinoids in their products, they focus on the isolation of cannabidiol. Their delivery method for CBD is also different than the majority of other brands. They use a water soluble, powder-based delivery system to have an increased absorption rate. Either add the dissolvable powder to your favorite drink or meal, or place the contents of the swiftstick directly on your tongue.

Caliper products are gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO. They also make available an example CoA available on their website, as well as a batch look up tool, both found here. Caliper has a subscribe and save program that saves you 10% on your order, has free shipping, and you can cancel the program at any time.

CBD Powder

4.47/5 | 1,158 Reviews

CBD Swiftsticks

Caliper CBD Swiftsticks

4.71/5 | 277 Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions about Caliper

What makes Caliper different than other CBD brand?

They focus on the isolation of CBD and increasing it’s absorption rate, bioavailability, and consistent doses between different batches.

What type of products do Caliper carry?

They carry the following products: CBD Dissolvable Powder and CBD Swift Sticks.

Where is Caliper located?

They are located in Commerce City, Colorado.

Where can I find a CoA for Caliper?

They offers both a sample CoA which you can find here. They also offer batch specific CoA’s which can be found here.