PureKana Delta-8 THC Gummies Review

Brand: PureKana
Products Ordered: PureKana Delta-8 THC Gummies – Watermelon (500mg) 25mg per Gummy
Date Ordered: 5/21/2021
Coupon: I used the coupon FIRST20 which I got for signing up to their newsletter.

About Me

I’m an early 40’s male with no underlying medical conditions. I sit for the majority of my day for work, and have mild back and neck pain because of it. I have trouble getting to bed and generally sleep from 2am to 8am. I’ve recently started working out again and have muscle fatigue on days I do work out. I currently take no medications, over the counter or otherwise.

My Order Experience with PureKana Delta-8 Gummies

Ordering was straight forward, I missed the popup ad for the 20% off coupon the first time so I had to open an incognito session to sign up to get it. Getting the coupon code was straightforward as the form just had an email field. Surprisingly, I got the coupon directly from the pop-up and didn’t have to check my email, so that was nice. Check out was simple. One page and very easy to fill everything out, the place to put the coupon code was pretty obvious, which was nice.

I made my order around midday on a Friday and received it on a Monday. The package came in a discrete envelope, and inside was used instructions, the bottle of gummies, and a copy of my order slip. The bottle had a batch code printed on the bottom, and the QR code on the bottle took me to the PureKana labs site. I was able to enter the batch code and get the CoA for the batch my product came from. 

My Experience Taking PureKana Delta-8 Gummies

The gummies only contained delta-8 THC. There were no other cannabinoids present. They tested 1 gummy, which weighed 4664.000 mg and contained 26.617mg of delta-8 THC. The gummy I tried weighed 4750.00mg, which means it should contain 27.108 mg of delta-8 THC.

Day 1

Directions stated that if this is my first time passing, I should take ¼ to ½ of a gummy. Because this is my first time trying delta-8, I decided to take ¼ of a gummy. I took ¼ of a gummy (6.78mg) at 10:00 PM to unwind, watch a show and see what all the fuss is about. The watermelon flavor was pretty sweet, actually tasted like watermelons, and had a very slight hemp aftertaste along with a slightly soapy mouthfeel.

10:00 PMTook ¼ of a gummy, sat down, and started watching a show.None
10:30 PMContinued to watch the show, drank a bit of water.Around 10:15 PM I started to feel relaxed and a lessening of anxiety. I had a pretty stressful work day today and generally take awhile to unwind, but from 10:15 PM to 10:30 PM I went from 0 to 100. First time I’ve ever experienced such a mellowing mood.
11:00 PMShow ended, and I got ready for bed.Still had that relaxed feeling, felt pretty mellow and any stress / anxiety / aches felt lessened.
11:30 PMWent to bed.Fell asleep right away, probably the first time I’ve fallen asleep within 5 – 10 minutes of laying down.

My wife mentioned that while I’ve been sleeping earlier than usual, I haven’t been getting restful sleep. The next day, when I woke up I felt pretty refreshed. Cannot say with certainty that it was due to the effects of the delta-8. 

Day 2

We decided to take ½ a gummy each as we didn’t notice any side effects. I had worked out earlier that day so I was a bit stiff. The relaxing effect was more pronounced with a larger dose. I also noticed a slight pain reduction effect, which was actually soothing after a workout. I did notice a side effect with the larger dose, which was a small case of the munchies. Went to bed a bit earlier than usual, I have noticed the past few days that my quality of sleep had improved.

Day 3 – 5

I continued to take ½ a gummy on day three through five. As I mentioned earlier, I sit quite a bit for my job, and also type throughout the day. I generally have a dull ache in my knuckles from typing throughout the day on top of the backaches from constant sitting. I have noticed that there’s a significant reduction in arthritic type pain when I take this during the evening.

Results and Recommendations

Overall I would recommend this product if you’re looking for something to take during the evening to take away any aches and pains. On top of that, I did notice a good reduction in stress and anxiety. During the five days I took the delta-8 THC gummies, I don’t believe that I developed any kind of dependency on the product. I still take it a few days a week now, generally on the days that I work out as it does help me post-workout.